North Trust Bar & Freestyle Kit 2018 – used

Used – Excellent condition

2018 Trust Bar, 22m (S / M size) with freestyle kit.

For 2018 Trust Bar has new features while retaining some of the superior functionality that makes it one of the best 4 line bars on the market.

The chicken loops this year come in three different options: when you purchase your bar, you can choose the chicken loop & leash that best suits your riding style by adding a style kit.

Trust bar is equipped with the most functional safety system in kiting, the industry leading Iron Heart IV and it has been enhanced with the addition of the Suicide Ring III. A 5th Element upgrade kit is offered in order to turn the Trust Bar into a 5 line set-up.

North Kiteboarding
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North Trust Bar 2018: 4 lines (can be upgraded to 5 lines) / Single front line safety / New suicide ring III / Iron Heart IV

North Kiteboarding Progression Quality

Trust Bar 2018

Iron Heart IV North 2018

Iron Heart IV

The Flip-Flop function allows you to switch between a 53 / 46 cm bar width (M/ L bar) and 49/ 42 cm bar width (S / M bar) with just one click.

Trust bar 2018 Flip-Flop function

Chicken loop options

The 2018 Trust Bar does not come with chicken loop and leash.
You add one of the 3 different options when you purchase your bar.

Freeride kit | Freestyle Kit | Rope Harness Kit
Freeride kit - trust / click bar
Freestyle kit - trust / click bar
Trust bar 5th element upgrade from Quad



The 2018 Trust Bar can be upgraded within 3 minutes to a 5-Line Bar with the upgrade kit.


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