North Rebel 2018

High Performance Freeride / Big Air

Rebel is the choice of ambitious freeriders and kiters who like to boost huge airs. It’s perfect for experienced riders, offering excellent performance for hooked in cruising and lots of hangtime.

For the first time in the Rebel’s history, it can now be flown on 4 or 5 lines. The 5th line is unloaded for 2018, meaning you can decide the best setup depending on your preference and riding style.

North Kiteboarding
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Rebel: Wide arc / 4/5-line design / 5 struts / Biggest windrange / Best sheet and go power development

Excellent hangtime

lift for the highest and longest jumps

While many changes have been made, one aspect has remained constant:

The Rebel is still the ultimate boosting machine offering huge jumps with lots of hangtime and glide in the air!

The turning speed has been enhanced, in combination with a smoother and rounder turning. The wind range has increased.

All that with the typical Rebel feel you love so much!