North Dice 2016 (11m complete) – used

This product is no longer available.

Used – Good condition

Freestyle / Wave

Used 11m North Dice kite (2016), in good condition, with minor repairs on the canopy.

Sold with a 5 line 2017 Trust bar.

North Dice has a C-performance oriented concept with three struts for advanced kitesurfers, who want the best out of two worlds: Freestyle and Waveriding.


This product is no longer available.

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2016 Dice: Direct & Fast Turning | Very Good Unhooked Performance | Great Drifting Abilities | Good Depower | Improved Low End | C-oriented 3-strut Design

Direct & Fast Turning

Very Good Unhooked Performance

No matter what your style this kite has you covered, it’s perfect for wakestyle and freestyle allowing you to pull the latest moves and tricks with ease.

With a fast progressive turn and dynamic handling it is also amazing in the waves offering excellent drift down the line.

For 2016 the leading edge has been swept back even further to offer superior low end power. The bridle has been optimized to make the structural profile even stiffer. A lot of work has been put into the struts this year, they are now thinner, making the kite faster and improving its jumping capabilities.

Additionally, the struts have been further reinforced to offer better durability and there is a new Anti-Snag design on the leading edge tips to ensure the lines and bridle won’t get tangled in the event of a crash. Lastly, the Dice has been fitted with our improved Lazy Pump system for better airflow that will ensure you are the first person on the water. If you want a kite that can handle anything you throw at it, and come back begging for more, then the Dice is the perfect choice.

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Maximum safety | Instant depower when needed | Maximum depower on short bar stroke | Easy relaunch | Patented 5th line system | Compatible with any kite model


Safety is an essential topic in a sport where you are facing the power of the elements and in some situations are totally on your own. The North patented 5th line system has provided the greatest combination of safety and performance for many years now. Year after year, the 5th line concept proves its reliability and 100% instant depower after a safety release no matter what the conditions. The system still has a commanding lead compared to other safety systems available on the market.

This is why North Kiteboarding believes in the 5th line concept. What’s more, the 5th line makes water relaunch effortless and the loaded 5th line kite designs (Vegas and Rebel) offer a very short depower stroke, giving the rider ultimate control in gusty conditions.

The benefits of this set-up are obvious and appreciated by riders all over the world.