North Click Bar 2018

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The world’s first tangle-free control system, just got better!
Last year the Click Bar revolutionised how we control our kites, this year it’s on a whole other level!

There are now three different chicken loop options available offering maximum performance and customisation. The floaters have been upgraded with integrated rubber patches and improved visibility plus there is a new V distributor, which is even easier to use.

The incredible Trim Unit makes a return, allowing you to depower your kite at the flick of a switch. It is this impressive piece of technology that allows you to trim your kite as you ride.

The new Iron Heart V, unique to the Click Bar, offers unrivalled security with a front line safety system, providing total depower. Lastly, your front lines will never get tangled again.

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Trim-power-depower your kite at the flick of a switch. No longer will you lose an edge, you won’t need to change your body position. You can even tune the power while you perform a bottom turn!
Compatible with most kites / Automatic untwisting safety system / Iron Heart V / Long lasting TPU covered depower line

North Kiteboarding Progression Quality

Click Bar 2018

The button

The Button

the new way of DEPOWER
Pushing the Button lengthens the back lines. The kite has less power.

The Winder

the new way of POWER

NKB click bar - The Winder
Twisting the Winder clockwise shortens the back lines, visible at the neon orange mark in the power display of the bar and the neon orange mark on the floater.

The Kite has more power. The power steps are divided in eight steps, half a rotation on the winder is one power step.

Automatic untwisting

Lines are automatically untwisted during rotations

Sliding bar stopper

Single TPU covered depower line


Iron Heart V

Only available in combination with Clickbar. Fixed suicide mode for easier hooking in. Open ceramic bearing, long lasting and easy to clean.

North Click bar 2018 Iron Heart V

Chicken loop options

The 2018 Click Bar does not come with chicken loop and leash.
You add one of the 3 different options when you purchase your bar.

Freeride kit | Freestyle Kit | Rope Harness Kit
Freeride kit - trust / click bar
Freestyle kit - trust / click bar
Click bar 2018 5th_Element Upgrade



The 2018 Click Bar can be upgraded within 3 minutes to a 5-Line Bar with the upgrade kit.


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