Duotone Soleil 2019

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Freeride / Entry Freestyle

Designed for women, by women, this impressive freeride board is perfect for riders looking to perfect their first freestyle moves.

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Duotone Soleil 2019: Space Flex Technology / Carbon Beam / Premium Construction / Soft Flex / Step Mono Concave Bottom / Grab Rails

Soft Flex

The Soft Flex guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions.

The Duotone Soleil was one of the first kiteboards designed by women for women, and that concept holds true today.

Completely redefined, the Soleil is now offering the Space Flex Technology. The Carbon Beam construction provides the board with a lively feel that is very reactive to rider input.

Rail to rail carving is a dream while the pop is impressive. The softer flex in combination with the Space Flex Technology ensures the ride is smooth, even on the choppiest of days and the Step Mono Concave bottom gets you going early.

Due to the new grab rails, the light weight and the narrow width of the board, it becomes much easier to handle and to control, even in windy and rough conditions.

Many brands go with the “pink it and shrink it” approach, with the Soleil you get a female specific board that was designed and built from the ground up for women. You deserve something special; the Soleil was made just for you!