Duotone Pro Wam 2019

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Strapless Pure Surf

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The Duotone Pro Wam is a great all-rounder and able to handle all sorts of wave conditions.

It is built around a high-performance, yet traditional shape that excels in most conditions from small to large waves.

Comes with TS-M Pro 1 fins.

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Best all-rounder / Balance of grip and snaps / Fast and stable / Light Team Construction / Cork shock absorber 2.0 / Vacuum Epoxy Custom

A classic surf shape is the guarantee for a great All-rounder. A very light, still very robust construction with a lot of feedback for the rider.

Fast and stable

Speed in combination with absolute control is the magic combination.

The Pro WAM is the ultimate high-performance all-rounder. The fuller outline makes the Pro WAM slightly more compact than most traditional squash tail shortboards and is the key to its unique do it all abilities.

It has excellent handling in light winds and smaller waves while still retaining the impressive high speed and sought after big wave performance that riders love. The Pro WAM excels in most conditions from small to large waves. It is the one board does it all board for all your travels, being capable of handling all sorts of conditions.

The subtle grab rail, optimized volume distribution and double concave deck complete one of the most impressive surfboards in the Duotone range. This season also as a 5´6 version for lighter riders.