Duotone Neo 2020 – 2021


The ultimate wave-riding machine in the line up has won more world wave and strapless freestyle events and championships than any other kite.

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Duotone Neo : Fantastic drifting abilities / Responsive steering – powered or depowered / Very powerful – but with great depower / Adjustable front bridle / New trailing edge design for less canopy wear

Very powerful – but with great depower

Always the perfect amount of power which is required during waveriding. Choose at least one size smaller!

The Neo is the choice of our highly decorated wave riding team, Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro, James Carew and Patri McLaughlin – all choose the Neo to compete on the GKA Strapless World Tour.

It has won more world titles and events than any other wave kite.

With the move towards strapless riding, the Neo now has tuning options for waves and depower or you can set it up for strapless freestyle and freeriding. It’s been one of the most popular kites in the Duotone line up for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. On the wave, it offers dynamic handling and incredible drift when you want to freeride it’s an easy going companion.

The kite has a unique profile that develops enormous amounts of power, Neo riders are often on one or even two sizes smaller than everyone else at the beach, this means the kite is even more responsive. While it has enormous amounts of power, the depower is incredible, more than that though, even when fully sheeted out the steering is exceptionally reactive and precise.

Whether you are riding a monster at One Eye, pulling a strapless kite loop twenty feet up or just slaying someo mush, the Neo puts you in total control at all times. If surfboards are your kite life, you need the Neo in your quiver.