Cabrinha Moto 2019


Designed for riders who appreciate versatile, predictable kite performance, the Cabrinha Moto kite is a triple threat for any type of riding in a wide range of conditions.

It excels in three of the most exciting disciplines the sport has to offer: Freeride, Freesurf, and Foilboarding.

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Cabrinha Kites
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The Cabrinha Moto 2019 is a 3 strut, versatile freeride crossover kite.

Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design / Reactive wing tip / Fast, lean and efficient profiles

XO Moto Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12

The all-new Cabrinha Moto leads us into a new era of performance kitesurfing that smashes all conventional thinking.

This versatile Freeride / Crossover kite is light to the touch and provides a precise and linear power delivery. The lighter weight and quick response is made possible with its 3-strut hybrid plan form.

Cabrinha Moto: New for 2019

Most versatile kite in the range

The Cabrinha Moto 2019 performs its best in challenging wind conditions. Generous depower tames the gustiest winds and widens its wind range considerably.

The Moto’s fast turning speed not only puts this kite into a performance category of its own, it enhances the kite’s amazing versatility.

Check out the Fixed 1X with Trimlite or the Overdrive Control bar.


  • NEW DESIGN for 2019
  • No pulley bridle for a more direct steering input and feedback
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability
  • Pure Arc Segment & increased LE segments for smooth high definition aerodynamic arc
  • Most versatile kite in the range
  • Great for freeride, surf, freestyle and foiling
  • Light bar pressure and fast steering
  • 3-strut lightweight design
  • Great relaunch
  • Increased canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas

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