Cabrinha HI:RISE CARVE 2020



The HI:RISE CARVE is specifically designed for any rider looking for a diverse wing set, which will take you from your first steps, to next level freeride and waves.

The Carve wing is a modern high lifting wing set that is highly manoeuverable bringing you an entirely new level of performance and fun. The added lift comes into play whether you are carving turns in the pocket or pumping through lulls.

The wing set and fuselage are compatible with the Cabrinha foil eco system. Choose the mast length that suits your style and performance needs.

Compatible Boards: X:Breed Foil, Double Agent and AutoPilot.

Cabrinha Kites
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Low aspect ratio, low planing profile section, moderately swept outline, compound anhedral.

Hydrofoil Mast Sizes:  65cm / 85cm

Top socket, mast, fuselage, grease, wing protectors, foam insert, 5mm allen key (5mm). Component screws: m8x25mm (4pcs), m8x40mm (4pcs), Front wing screws: m8x45mm, m8x40mm, m8x27mm, rear wing screws: m8x20mm (2pcs).

Stable and easy

All around freeride / foil

With its signature winglets, the HI:RISE CARVE is a stable and easy foil to fly. The lower aspect ratio outline combined with the foil cross section requires very little input from your kite to get flying.

Once up, the sky is the limit.

The winglets provide an added level of stability to the wing and reduces induced drag, increasing aerodynamic efficiency, especially when riding through turbulent waters. The rear wing can be adjusted forward or aft to increase the ability to “carve” or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride. These light weight wings are constructed with a Pauwlonia wood core and durable Basalt fibers. The wingset mounts to our all new 75cm (29.5 inch) wide nosed fuselage.

The wider nose of the fuselage facilitates a significantly more stable connection to the wing.


  • NEW 750mm extended Widenose Fuselage with improved stability and hydrodynamics
  • NEW adjustable rear wing positioning for increased ability to “carve” or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride
  • Aircraft-grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminium components
  • Hollow core Mast extrusion for improved floatation and minimal weight
  • Lightweight top socket with indicator for use on industry standard track mounting system or 4 point connection


  • NEW A-Grade Paulownia wood core with unmatched strength / weight ratio
  • NEW front wing – volcanic triple layer Basalt fiber construction
  • NEW rear wing – forged composite construction
  • NEW ABS insert reinforcements


  • Chord: 226mm
  • Projected area: 116,508.2 mm²
  • Wingspan: 685.4mm
  • AR: 4.0
  • Volume: 2,024,170 mm³