Cabrinha Double Agent 2018

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One board, two faces. A performance hydrofoil board that’s incredibly easy to ride. Quickly converts into a fun surf skate.

Board sold with deckpad, three footstraps, four TT Fins (2x 30mm, 2x 50mm) and mounting hardware. Masts sold separately.


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Fun multi use board: foil – surf skate – wake surf / Easy to use and progress / More responsive / Works well in a wide range of conditions / Compatible with Cabrinha’s modular foil system

a hydrofoil board

that converts into a fun surf skate

Cabrinha 2018-wood-core
surf straps
quad fin box
single concave
strap configuration
moderate flex
abs rails

Cabrinha’s 2018 foil board program now offers 3 different mast sizes to suit a wide range of conditions and ability levels:

  • 40cm – Ideally suited for shallow water and riders seeking a confidence inspiring entry into foil boarding.
  • 60cm – A great option for progressing riders that want a stable and user friendly ride while still offering portability and durability in a solid all-around length.
  • 85cm – An extremely smooth and stable ride in everything from flat water to the largest choppy conditions. The longer length increases the upwind ability of the kite to maximize potential of the ride in all conditions.

All 3 sizes are universally compatible with the Cabrinha Double Agent foil kit.

*Masts are sold separately.