Cabrinha Crosswing

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Designed for riders looking for an efficient power source to use with many types of watercraft, the all-new Cabrinha Crosswing is the simplest form of wind driven power you can hold in your own two hands.
The Crosswing is a compact, fully controllable inflatable wing with an incredibly wide range of use on water or land.

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Cabrinha Crosswing 2020: 1 Strut, Leading Edge Inflatable Dihedral swept profile.

Size: 4 m²

Rigid Frame

Integrated EVA grab handles
No Mechanical parts / Extremely safe operation
Refined low end performance for maximum upwind ability

Its simplicity is unmatched. The Crosswing is free of control lines, there is no mast, no separate boom or a control bar. Everything you need to fly the wing is contained in its fully integrated form.

Once you inflate the wing (in 20 seconds or less), it is ready to fly.

The Crosswing is instantly compatible with many boards currently in use, from foil boards to SUPs to snowboards or skateboards, making it the perfect tool to fly yourself across any body of water or land.