Cabrinha Ace Wood 2019

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The Cabrinha Ace Wood is specifically designed for Freeride creatives looking to bend the rule of gravity with a forgiving, all conditions board.

The Ace Wood is a highly versatile performance freeride model. Its outline is a hybrid of freestyle and freeride which opens up a world of options when it comes to its range of use. This all-wood version is erasing the lines between riding genres to create an exciting new approach to kiteboarding. The wood construction will tame rough and choppy waters allowing you greater edge control. Greater edge control leads to greater pop, greater pop leads to big air. What you do when you are up there is all up to you.

Comes with 40mm fins & handle.

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Out of stock

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NEW refined construction for improved flex characteristics and increased durability / Forgiving flex characteristics for comfort in all conditions / Rail channels for grip / Early planing lift and reliable edge hold / Quad channels in the tips for added grip when loading off back-foot / Smooth, predictable and stable landings