Airush Varial X (10m & bar) & Apex 2014 – used

Used – Very Good / Good condition

For riders who are looking for an extra kick in their riding, the 2014 Varial X takes the lead as the highest performing all-around kite in the Airush range. The Apex’s performance suits intermediate to advanced aggressive riders, while remaining easy and comfortable to use at faster speeds.

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Varial X: 3 strut SL-C / low aspect / square wingtip design

The Apex suits intermediates that don’t necessarily want to ride too powered or advanced riders looking for something a bit more forgiving than the Livewire

2014 Varial X

The flatter wing tips on the Varial X take the inspiration of the Razor Team and Wave allowing for more of a C-kite feel, response and direct steering that these riders have grown to love.


2014 Apex

The unique concave stabilizes the board at faster speeds and enables the fin area to sit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to use smaller fins for the same level of grip.