Airush Quad 5’10” – used

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The Quad was carefully tuned and tweaked to excel in various wind and wave conditions and has a very smooth glide.

It packs plenty of power and it is fast, but it has an unmatched control and it is fun to ride. The board was designed by Airush Team together with the talented Bear Karry.

The board has a minor repair. It comes with extra pad & fins.

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Quad 5’10 : Single Concave / Quad fin setup / Flytech Bioflex Technology / Intermediate Rocker / Straight Rails

Quad 5’10”

The Quad board is dedicated to waveriding enthusiasts who wish to have fun in all wave conditions. The board is engineered using a hydrodynamic shape, featuring a narrower outline, rounded nose and a custom shaped tail. These features assure a smooth glide and a fast speed and allow the rider to tackle any wave without effort.

The board performs great in cross onshore to cross offshore conditions and it can be used by hardcore riders, as well as by less experienced ones. The straight rails assure an excellent drive and smooth rail to rail transitions. An intermediate rocker line assures optimal speed and instant acceleration, as well as improved upwind potential. The single concave bottom shape assures excellent power release and keeps the board steady in all conditions. It also generates a smooth and comfortable glide.

The board is perfect for casual waveriding as well as for spectacular surfing tricks. The tail features a hard edge to maintain the power and speed throughout the entire ride. The Airush Quad is equipped with a four fin setup which makes the board more powerful when needed. The fins assure extra grip in tight bottom turns or at high speeds. Airush has built the Quad using a Flytech Bioflex technology, based on high density foam and Bamboo sandwich structure. This structure makes the board light and durable, and, most important, it assures an excellent flex pattern and tensile strength.