Airush Apex 2017 complete – used

This product is no longer available.

Used – Excellent condition

The 2017 Apex is suitable for intermediate to advanced aggressive riders. It delivers a unique combination of high rocker, increased width and the new Venturi concave.

The Apex allows a rider to advance from footstraps to bindings without any compromise in performance.

Available size: 138 x 42. Comes with AFT Core Straps/Pads, fins and handle.

This product is no longer available.

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Apex: Higher rocker for comfort in chop and freestyle performance / Wide planform design for upwind performance and early planing / Venturi bottom shape for control and speed

2017 Apex


The board utilizes an asymmetrical 3D deck shape which ensures a more balanced response, enhanced user-friendly feel, and added comfort while riding at high speed.

The reinforcement and style of the board make it a perfect all-round freeride/freestyle machine.