Airush AP Bar 2018 – used

Used – Perfect condition

Minimalist bar focusing on pure function and durability.

The AP Bar features a 19mm reduced diameter that enables the rider to maintain a solid grip through the most power moves and landings. An easy to install XL chicken loop is included, strictly for unhooking.

Airush Kiteboarding
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5 line AP Bar: 22m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 19m Dyneema Line (20m) + 2m Dyneema Line Extension
Can be size customized to specific rider demands / Heavy Duty Flying Lines

AP Bar

The key philosophy of the AP BAR was to create the most minimal design possible that focuses purely on function and bomb-proof durability. As freestyle and wakestyle riders, these philosophies are crucial for equipment that is constantly being used and abused while riding hooked or unhooked.