Cabrinha releases the Autopilot and Hi:Rise Varial & Carve foils

The evolution in surfing keeps providing us with new ways to ride waves.

Therefore Cabrinha is constantly expanding the selection of boards and foils: We’re excited to release the new Autopilot foil board and three new foils in our foil range that will take your surfing above sea level: the Hi:Rise Carve and Hi:Rise Varial in size Medium and Large, gearing you up for an entirely new experience of foil surfing and kite-foiling.

The all new Autopilot foil board literally flies Cabrinha into the next generation of surfing. This remastered design brings forward years of Cabrinha’s pioneering experience in the foilboarding realm.

The Cabrinha Carve wing is a modern high lifting wing set that is highly maneuverable, bringing you an entirely new level of performance and fun.


The Carve is a stable and easy foil wing for all around freeride / foil. The lower aspect ratio outline combined with the foil cross section requires very little input from your kite to get flying!