2019 Cabrinha Moto Review

Have you checked out the new Moto yet?

The Cabrinha Moto is a 3 strut, versatile freeride crossover kite.

Cabrinha’s new kite in the range allows you to break away from freeriding into free surfing and foilboarding which makes it a triple threat with an incredibly wide range of use.

Cabrinha Moto 2019 Grey

Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019 review by iksurfmag

“Instantaneously upon launch you get a feeling of just how smooth this kite is. The 2019 Cabrinha Moto soaks up the gusts, provides a smooth power delivery, turning is smooth and responsive and the kite boasts confidence.”

“Freeride and freestyle on the Moto is effortless. The kite provides a progressive, steady take off and is always predictable. It doesn’t have quite as much punch as we would see on models such as the FX however there is tons of float while you’re in the air.

Unhooked moves on the Moto are great, the kite doesn’t feel heavy on the arms and enough slack is created to get you well on your way to landing your latest moves.”

IKURFMAG Review of Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019
This review was in Issue 71 of IKSURFMAG.