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Starboard SUP: Live the tiki life

Our new addiction, #StarboardSUP

Starboard Stand Up Paddle

2014 Starboard Stand Up Paddle Boards

Check out the 2014 range at www.star-board-sup.com


All Star 12’6″ & 14’0


“It feels like you’re paddling downhill”

Creating a race board for the world’s fastest and most demanding race team in is a challenge. There is a legion of considerations when creating a versatile race board.

It’s a board that rounds a buoy fast and is quickest to go to glide, we call that “coming out of the hole. When you combine a sleek outline, complex concave bottom, independent rail and center rockers, round-to-tucked sharp rails and a volume distribution that creates a balance point, it allows the paddler to minimize displacement/disturbance and maximize their stroke. From that flawless balance point comes a board that allows you to paddle longer on one side, track through quartering wind to stay on the mark, run the bump, increase your stroke turn-over and hold top speeds with less effort.


Sprint 12’6″ & 14’0


Shape and construction are engineered as one to maximize performance from every paddle stroke.

The 2014 Sprint is designed for the most demanding racer who needs a hull capable of accelerating in a heartbeat, achieving lightening sprinting performance and maintaining highly-efficient cruising speeds that sap minimum energy. Targeted at flat water, we nevertheless built good buoyancy into this board enabling riders with good balance to perform in chop or on a downwind run. Every aspect of this board has been highly engineered using hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, structural flex and ergonomic principles.

Ace 12’6″ & 14’0


A board for all conditions

The fastest board design for choppy conditions and is easy to surf and turn. The board Brian Szymanski designed in 2009, then further developed over the years by Brian and Svein Rasmussen, the ACE is still the best choice for long distance racing. With a full cockpit, flat and wide recessed deck, you can walk further back on the board while in chop and small swell. It is still Annabel Anderson’s go to board in challenging conditions.

Whopper 10’0″x34″

“The board famed for making life easy, just made things even simpler.”

This legendary board that opened people’s eyes to wide boards and set the benchmark for easy, fun performance, for all, has taken another step ahead of the competition. The dimensions and rails remain the same, but the bottom shape has evolved to produce a livelier, more responsive Whopper. This was achieved by using a forward V in the stance area, promoting rail-to-rail reactivity, running to a single concave that accelerates the water through the back of the board to a V off the tail. We also added half an inch of nose kick to make pearling close to impossible. If you are the lucky owner of a previous model Whopper, the upgrade is well worth the investment.

Wide Point 9’5″x32″

For bulky frames craving speed to transfer momentum into tight carving.

The new 2014 Wide Point provides extra stability due to a flatter deck, improved glide and agility. A new squash tail outline, combined with added V off the tail, provides for more responsive, edgy cutbacks. Finer forward rails improve acceleration, with smoother entry into the wave and through cutbacks. Bottom shape has been refined with a deeper concave running through the middle to accelerate water flow with V brought in earlier to aid release. Easy fun, high performance. “Mono concave at nose to double concave”

Air Born 7’10″x31.5″

“Small surf, extraordinary performance!”

For those looking for ultra-high performance and stability in small surf, the Air Born 7’10′x31.5″ has all the characteristics of the 30″ board and more. We traded 1/10 of an inch thickness for 1.5 inches of width, keeping almost the same volume. This ultra-thin profile allows the board to flex more and store all the energy ready for release on your airs or cutbacks, while providing extra stability and control. This is the ultimate performance fish. “Mono-concave merging to double concave with tail V”

Those are just few of the boards..!

Check out the full range at :

Starboard SUP

Airush Kiteboarding: Silent Power

For almost a decade now, Airush kiteboarding has given us loads of fun.
Since the first c-kites we flew back in those days, up until the amazing Razor and VarialX, #Airush crew has proven its passion for the sport and the brand became one of the best around the globe!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Airush 2014 | Right Stuff

Freestyler or beginner: there’s a kite n board suitable for you!











Mauisails: We love windsurfing

It is the passion for a sailing life that drew us all together to do the thing we love most. …MauiSails…. The TEAM… the windsurfing company.

History of MauiSails – History of Windsurfing

MauiSails was established on December 22, 1978, by Barry Spanier and Geoffrey Bourne on Maui, Hawaii.

The MauiSails philosophy is about showing people they can do great things, that they can pursue their dreams, even if they seem impossible to come true. When you come to Maui and you’re sailing off the North Shore, you turn to catch the next wave and look out to see the two mountains, with pure adrenaline in your veins and that feather light trim on your sail… that is the MauiSails feeling.
- MauiSails

O’Neill 2014




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